Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog post 2

Did You Know(Strange Version)

After watching Dr. Strange's Did You Know   video, I found it very interesting how most of the facts covered in the video are things we rarely think of. If you're a U.S. citizen, there's a good possibility that you're aware of the fact that we are struggling in the education field as a nation. The video show's how evident this is because of the number of India's K-12 honor students exceeding the number of regular students in the U.S. This should be one of the main reasons for young Americans to take initiative and desire to succeed in school, but they fail to do so.
          Another interesting fact from the video is the amount of citizens that now have computers,which could be one of the leading causes why our country is under-educated. It is also recognized now that at the current rate, there will be more English-speaking Chinese citizens than there are in the U.S. in a short period of time. It is our responsibility to do our part as American citizens and do everything we can to help the upcoming generation. After all, that is why I'm in the education field, what about you?

Mr. Winkle Wakes

In Needleman's video Mr. Winkle Wakes Mr. Winkle is an elderly man whom has fallen into a 100 year slumber. Even though it is made with older effects and graphics, it allows the reader to look at the story through Mr. Winkle's eyes. It is amazing how far we have came in the computer and technology field. Ironically, the moral of the story is no matter how much time goes by, some things truly never change. The video also has a similar storyline to one of my favorite animation(cartoon) shows,Futurama.
Myself, as many others, can relate to the moral of the story from first-hand experience. What I mean by this statement is that the education field is always changing, so what my generation learned in school will possibly never be taught to the next generation. However, this video also has another meaning, that is schools must begin to incorporate today's technology into the classroom. This is shown in the video when Mr. Winkle notices a laptop in the back of the classroom that isn't being used. As future educators, unlike the school in the video, we MUST find a way to include new forms of learning through the educational tools we are given. This includes many of the online tools we are learning to use in EDM 310.

The Importance of Creativity

In Ken Robinson's The Importance of Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson reviews how he believes the schools of today kill creativity. I thought it was hilarious when he told the story of the little girl drawing a picture of God. After the little girl's teacher proclaims that no one knows what God looks like, the little girl's response is that they will after she gets done drawing him!! Though this may be funny, it also shows the creativity of children. He goes on to state that we become educated out of creativity, this occurs when we are taught a certain way for so long and adapt to that specific way and not our own.
          He supports this by quoting Picaso which reveals the problem with being creative is staying that way as you grow up. I totally agree with his statement that as a kid we are denied pretty much anything that we want to be, such as a musician or an artist because of our educational system's outlook.I never really thought about the fact that we are living through a process of academic inflation, as he describes it, in which a B.A. doesn't guarantee you a job as it did in the past. After viewing the video, it inspires me in many different ways. It makes me realize as an educator, we must strive to keep our students as creative as we possibly can. This means that we need to "think outside the box" of everyday teaching methods. I plan on adapting this view into my career by creating assignments that will not only inspire my students but also make them excited about learning, as every educator should.

A Vision For 21st Century Learning

The video A Vision for 21st Century Learning, does a great job of describing what must happen in order to change our educational system. The clip points out that many of today's students will come into contact with computers and video game consoles before K-4. This should make the viewer realize that these tools could also be used for educational purposes. Also pointed out in the beginning is how we live in a very fast-pace world of social networking and online communications. The idea proposed is that we could use the technology, such as  a virtual version of Rome shown in the video, in order to make learning fun. As pointed out, today's classrooms were produced during the Industrialization period, in which the students come in as raw material, move from grade to the next, and leave crammed full of facts. This causes much of the material the students learn to be forgotten or used very little. We must incorporate new ways that will allow our students to learn in ways that they will never forget the material covered.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

In the video Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts, Vicki Davis does an amazing job of offering her views on new forms of teaching. She is a world renowned blogger, and is constantly adapting ways to incorporate new technologies into her classroom. Vicki also has her students using blogger, which is a system I'm just now learning to use in EDM 310. She has a very good point in stating that only certain children will succeed with only paper and pens. This is why she has adapted these new forms of technologies (Wikis, avatars, etc.), into her classroom. This will inspire creativity within her students and also make learning enjoyable.
            I have gained many ideas after viewing her video, and think that we need to strive to become innovative educators. An amazing aspect is when she states that her students have taught her, in many cases, how to use these systems. This shows that she is doing a great job of inspiring her students, something every educator should strive to do. Another trait that I intend on adapting is how she has taught them literacy in which if they don't know a word they know how to look it up online. This form of teaching, as stated in the video, will allow students to become more comfortable with new software and technology. I enjoyed getting a firsthand view at what new technology can bring to the classroom of tomorrow and definitely intend on using it myself.

Project 13 Collaboration Report

In order to collaborate for Project 15, we had to come up with a new form of meeting other than by telephone or in person. After asking Elizabeth from the EDM staff, we were referred to the new online tool Google Hangout. This tool allows you to meet face to face with multiple people at once via webcam. We first began using Skype but couldn't figure out a way to talk to multiple people at once. I enjoyed using Google Hangout because its just like meeting face to face. I also began using skype to communicate with my cousin, whom lives down in Crystal River,FL.
           Overall, I was very pleased with the way our group collaborated, we accomplished the assignment without the use of telephones or meeting in person. I intend on adapting the new Google Hangout into my career as an educator. I will also continue to use skype in order to stay connected with friends and family around the globe.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T Summary for April

For my first C4T comment for the month of April, I viewed Kelly's Blog, which had an article on replacing the Friday folder with a podcast. She had her students record 30-1:30 seconds each week via podcast with the Voxie Pro recording system. This idea allows the teachers and parents to gain insight on how the student is progressing in terms of the class. I plan on incorporating this feature into my classroom also because recording a podcast allows students, teachers, and parents to witness progress first hand. The fact that it is only 30-1:30 means that the podcast will not be too demanding. I enjoyed the idea and believe that it will be a success and allow students to progress more quickly in the future.

          For the second C4T comment, I read Kelly's post on using a new system, Ted-ed, to open new doors for a new style of teaching. Ted-ed is a site that allows students to watch educational video lessons and take a quick quiz on the subject covered. This site opens the door to what she refers to as "flip" teaching, which changes up the classroom model. The main difference in this style is that instead of the students getting instruction and doing there practice work as homework, they watch their instuction at home and practice in the classroom. This allows the students to recieve teacher support, meaning that the focus of the classroom is on higher-level thinking instead of instruction. Video is a great way for students to learn, and the videos on Ted-ed are animated to appeal to the students. I think this is another great idea that will allow more flexibility and options in the classroom of tomorrow.

Final Report PLN

 I must say that my PLN has grown vastly over the coarse of EDM 310. When I started class this semester, I believed I was up-to-date with the use of internet tools. Little did I know, my whole world was about to change and I would gain my very own personal learning network(PLN) along the way. I have most of the tools that I have used this semester saved in my favorites or either bookmarked through Symbaloo. One of the greatest changes I have went through is blogging, in which I have been interacting with fellow students, teachers, and children from all over the globe. This allows me to better adapt as a teacher by gaining insight on the views of fellow educators, as well as interact with children from different cultures and lifestyles.
           Another tool that is vital to my PLN is Edmodo, which is a network that will allow me to set up my online classroom. I plan on putting this to work as soon as I complete my education because it allows you to connect with your students through an online classroom. Edmodo will be very important in helping develop the form of online education we have been studying all semester. One tool that I didn't like at first that is now a part of my PLN is Twitter, because all I needed was another social network, but then I learned how to utilize it. Twitter can be extremely useful when you want to connect with educators in your field of study, for example, that's how Dr. Strange met Mrs. Cassidy. Also included in my PLN are other programs that I intend on using when my career as a teacher begins, such as Flickr. After looking back to the beginning of this term, I would have never thought I would learn what I know now about these online tools that form my PLN. These tools have changed my life thus far and I add new gadgets daily. My PLN will definitely make my life as an educator easier along with allowing me to influence my students to adapt to this new age of online learning.